Saturday, March 10, 2012

The eruption of the volcano "Nameless"

the volcano NamelessOn march 9, 2012 at Kamchatka there was a great eruption of the volcano "Unnamed". The specialists of the institute of volcanology and seismology reported the event.
They say that the volcano began to prepare for an outbreak in February. The specialists of the kamchatka branch of the Geophysical service of the predicted that the beginning of the eruption of the "Nameless" will 3-10 march.
The eruption of the volcano poses no danger to the population of the Kamchatka region. But the mass of volcanic ash, moving in a north-eastern direction, bear a serious threat to the aircraft, whose routes pass over the northern part of the Pacific ocean.

Friday, March 9, 2012

NASA scientists have calculated the rate of melting of glaciers in the Arctic

Scientists have found that Arctic perennial sea ice melting faster than first-year, without having to grow ever shorter season of ice formation, the website of NASA.
Researchers compared the rate of ice melting plots of different ages from 1980 to the present moment, based on data from NASA satellites "Nimbus-7" and SSMIS. It turned out that the area of ​​first-year ice shrinking at a rate of 15.1% over 10 years, and long-term - 17.2% over the same period. In addition, it was found that the young edge of the Arctic ice cap (ice, which "survived" at least one summer) are better preserved than its central part. This was proved when compared to reduce the rate of two indicators - the area of ​​ice cover and ice area. For the first rate reduction was 12.2%, and the second - 13.5% per decade.